What are they?

The price of materials or level of technology is not the foundation for learning.

Not everyone is an expert in early childhood education, but everyone who works and plays with a child is a teacher and will have the greatest impact on their learning.

SparKits, a program of Early Childhood Alliance, provides both materials your child will enjoy and activities to spark family involvement. SparKits is a tool that helps families provide the building blocks to prepare children to learn, to be successful in school and beyond.

SparKits provide learning experiences.

The difference between a box of toys and SparKits is that SparKits…

Made to enhance skills at specific ages for strong development.

Encourage extended learning with materials easily found in the home.

Are designed by early childhood education professionals.

Encourage hands-on involvement by more than just children.

A father learning with his son

SparKits provide family engagement.

Learning begins at birth, not the first day of school.
Young children’s experiences, especially with interactions of adults who care for them, build their brains and help develop cognitive, social, and emotional development. Children learn best through everyday experiences with people they trust. Translation, those early learning opportunities set strong foundations for a higher potential of success in school and beyond.
SparKits help foster those early learning experiences.

The result is children of all ages feeling safe and loved through one-on-one engagement, developing confidence in making friends, and being on-track for success in school.

Skill Builder - Expression of Emotions
Expression of Emotions
Skill Builder - Small Motor Skills
Small Motor Skills