What are SparKits?

The price of materials or level of technology is not the foundation for learning.

Not everyone is an expert in early childhood education, but everyone who works and plays with a child is a teacher. As your child’s first teacher, parents and other family members and friends have the greatest impact on a child’s learning. Face-to-face interaction provides the most important learning experiences.

SparKits, a program of Early Childhood Alliance, not only provides materials your child will enjoy, but also activities that will spark family involvement. SparKits is a tool that helps families provide the building blocks to prepare children to learn, to be successful in school and beyond.

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Children learn from the voices and noises they hear, the textures they feel, and the movements they make. Children’s experiences from infancy through the first five years form the foundation for their future learning. That is why quality learning experiences during the early years is so critical to future success.

Early Childhood Alliance (ECA) developed SparKits as purposeful activities for learning. The Kits not only provide experiences that help children learn, but also offer opportunities for parents and other caregivers to engage with children. Quality learning opportunities and adult interaction are the foundations to future success in school and beyond.

SparKits are designed to provide basic developmental concepts that are specific to different age groups. Available in two versions (and one more coming soon) SparKits are convenient, easy to use, and budget friendly.

SparKits provide learning experiences.

The difference between a box of toys and SparKits is that SparKits…

Enhance skills at specific age ranges that help children prepare for the next stages of development.

Are planned by early childhood education professionals.

Provide opportunities for hands-on involvement by parents and others.

Offer guidance for extended learning experiences with materials easily found in the home.

Do not require shopping at multiple stores and websites.

Are replaced monthly, requiring less storage space for a growing mountain of toys.

Applies to Hub subscriptions only.