SparKits On Demand

Wouldn't it be great if you could introduce your children to some new, fun activities that use simple, everyday items in your home?

Now you can!

No need for exhausting shopping time or high-dollar pieces.

SparKit On Demand is an online program providing a wide range of activities using common items in the home. SparKit On Demand activities are designed specifically for the age of your child. Each activity can be downloaded from the website, complete with a list of materials usually found in the home.

What's included in every On Demand SparKit
  • A Spark Plug that details the activity/ies of the Kit for maximum learning
  • Guidelines for parent involvement to nurture children’s learning
  • A list of what developmental skills each activity helps build, such as math concepts, fine motor skills, creativity, and language development
  • A guide to extended play, that is, other related activities using materials and environments in and around your home
  • Resources, such as books, websites, and more for other learning opportunities
  • Created by a group of early childhood education professionals with years of one-on-one experience with children of all ages
  • Designed for age-specific abilities and developmental milestones that lay the foundation to build skills as children grow and learn
  • Developed with caregivers in mind to provide ways for other family members to engage at every age
  • Saving the time and money involved in driving store-to-store or shopping multiple websites
  • Avoiding the need for storage materials, long after a child outgrows toys

How much does a Kit cost?

On Demand Kits Each Sold Separately

$4.99per kit