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With every Home Kit...
  • Key materials and instructions to complete each expertly designed, age-appropriate experience
  • Guides for parent involvement to nurture your child’s learning
  • A list of developmental skills each experience helps build
  • Resources for more learning opportunities
  • The materials required to do all of the activities outlined on the Spark Plug*
  • Access to a rich Companion Page with video instruction and additional resources

* Some common household items, such as muffin tins or cookie sheets, are not included.

Designed to...
  • Lay the foundation for age-specific abilities and developmental milestones to build skills
  • Encourage family engagement at every age
  • Save you time & money driving store-to-store or shopping multiple websites
  • Eliminate the need for storage space after a child outgrows toys
Our SparKit this month is a shape puzzle! The kit included: cardboard square, some felt pieces, crayons, 2 cookie cutters to trace (we got a square and a heart), Velcro pieces and a few pages with instructions and other resources.

Today, I set up my son's easels with the shapes drawn and their names (literacy connection!). I put the puzzle out and invited him to the table. We started with the shape pieces on the puzzle. We pointed to and named each shape as we pulled them off the board. Before I could say anything, my son started putting the shapes back on the board in their correct spot! So, as he would pick up a shape, I would name it and ask if he could say the word. We did this puzzle together about 4 times before he was ready to move on. We then drew shapes on the chalk board. My son mimicked my circle drawing and tried to say circle with me! It wasn’t super clear, but you could definitely tell what he was trying to say!

Thanks to the Early Childhood Alliance for this awesome program! SparKits are an activity resource that help parents create a fun, educational experience for their child. There are different options for kits you can order individually or as a subscription. And different kits are geared towards different ages. We chose the option to have a new kit (with all the materials needed!) sent to us each month. Some happy mail to look forward to each month!
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Gracie Alvarez

Parent of a toddler

A convenient and affordable way to boost your child's skills.
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With SparKits Home you have the freedom to choose the Kits you want, when you want them, or subscribe and let us handle it for you. Every month, a new Kit with exciting activities and the materials you’ll need to do them will be delivered to the address of your choosing.

Purchase an annual subscription and receive a FREE Vera Bradley backpack! (A $115 value)

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