SparKits are for everyone...

Think of our Scholarship Fund as a big virtual bucket that ensures access to all.

Those with the means to donate, fill the bucket, so that those without means can take from it in the form of free SparKits. This allows all to participate in the enriching experiences of SparKits.

Those interactions, especially with adults who care for them, build young children’s brains and help develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

Translation, early learning opportunities with parents, extended family, and caring friends set a strong foundation for lifelong learning, leading to higher potential for success in school and beyond. We aim to make sure all have equal access.

What brings you here today?

I want to donate to the SparKits Scholarship Fund

Firstly, thank you for your consideration, the SparKits Scholarship Fund exists because of generous donors just like you. Click below to make a tax-deductible online donation.

Your donation is tax deductible

I would like to request SparKits Scholarship Fund

We welcome any adult caring for a child to register for the SparKits Scholaship Fund. Registration entitles registrants to one free SparKits Home or OnDemand Kit per account.

Successful registration will entitle your account to one free SparKits Home or On Demand Kit. Subsequent registrations will not result in additional free Kits. We do not ask for eligibility information and leave the availability of this scholarship up to the honor system, only partake if you truly need.