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Frequently Asked Questions

When will we get our SparKits?

When you get your SparKits is based on the Hub location that you chose:

  • Ivy Tech Campus
    • Coming Soon
  • ECA Learning Centers (both, Fort Wayne)
    • 1/16 (first kit), 3rd Thursday each month after
  • Early Learning Ministry (Auburn)
    • 1/15 (first kit), 3rd Wednesday each month after
  • Kendallville Day Care (Kendallville)
    • 1/15 (first kit), 3rd Wendesday each month after
  • Kiddie Academy (Fort Wayne)
    • 1/21 (first kit), 3rd Tuesday each month after
How does SparKit Hub work?
  • SparKits Hub is the subscription option where you pick up and return your Kit at a Hub (ex. Your child’s early learning program)
  • If a Hub where your child attends isn’t available, you can still subscribe by choosing “Ivy Tech Campus” from the Hub menu.
  • Subscription cost is billed automatically to the payment card you supply during checkout on the same day each month unless you cancel your subscription.
  • Billing frequency options include: month-to-month, 6-month subscription,* and 1-year subscription*
  • You can keep your Kit for longer than a month; your subscription renewals continue to process and your next Kit won’t be delivered until the current one has been returned.

* Discounts available for multi-month subscriptions.

Are the materials cleaned?

Yes! When a kit is returned it is sanitized, washed and wiped down before it is sent out to you.

Can I keep the materials?

No, but in the future each kit will have a corresponding companion page which will include links to the products found in the kit for you to purchase for your own home.

Our SparKit is missing something
If we delivered a SparKit with missing materials…

First, let us apologize for the inconvenience, we work very hard to ensure your SparKits experience is a positive one. Second, please contact us right away at 260-745-2501 or using our contact form to let us know what was missing, and we will do our best to get the missing item delivered to your hub for you to enjoy your kit to the fullest.

If you have misplaced something from your SparKit…

Contact us as soon as possible at 260-745-2501 or using our contact form to let us know what is missing from your SparKit. If it is not returned by the next drop off/pick up date you will be charged a replacement fee of

My child broke an item in our SparKit

If an item is returned broken, you will be charged a replacement fee of

Billing Frequency

Monthly, 6-months – Get 1-month 50% off, Yearly – Get 1-month free

Child's Age

Toddler (1-3 Years), Preschooler (3-5 Years)

Hub Location

Ivy Tech Campus (3800 N Anthony Blvd, Fort Wayne), Early Learning Ministry (2858 Co Rd 36A, Auburn), ECA Beacon Learning Center (2125 Beacon St, Fort Wayne) SF, ECA Downtown Learning Center (516 E Wayne St, Fort Wayne) SF, Kendallville Daycare Center (601 Orchard Place Pkwy, Kendallville), Kiddie Academy (11627 Coldwater Rd, Fort Wayne)


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