Gelatin Dig Experience



Gelatin Dig

Gelatin Dig Experience



Jaw dropping, eye opening glee from your baby!
Age Appropriateness
Infants - 2-12 Months
Infants (4-12 months)
Skills enhanced by this kit
Skill Builder - Language Development
Language Development
Math Concepts
Skill Builder - Expression of Emotions
Expression of Emotions
Science Concepts
Skill Builder - Small Muscle Development
Small Motor Skills

Watch the fun with SparKits On Demand Gelatin Dig experience.

That Gelatin Dig experience helps your little one build important developmental skills in a fun, easy way. Plus, there are so many ways to extend the learning opportunities with just one SparKit!

What You'll Need

SparKits On Demand have been designed to require a few common household items, but here are some things you’ll need that you may not have.

Plastic container


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