Introducing SparKits

Enhance your child’s learning with fun materials arriving monthly.

A new subscription service that provides your family with expertly crafted activity kits, changing monthly, with age-appropriate materials. Accompanying information will help guide your family’s experiences to advance your child's developmental skills.

Your child is learning, with each and every experience you provide.

You care about your child's future...

Sometimes it’s challenging to know what kinds of learning materials you should have in the “toy box” or activities you can do with your children that will advance their knowledge and skills.

Wouldn't it be nice if...

…experts in early childhood education could simply provide you with materials recognized as some of the best activities for early learning and family engagement?

Relax...we've got this.

Early Childhood Alliance offers a unique and innovative program to the world of subscription services. You will receive a different SparKit every month, full of age-appropriate activities and extended learning information. These kits are carefully planned by people not only educated in early childhood but with hands-on experience in classrooms and with other educators.

Did you know...

Learning begins as soon as a child is born. When children are playing, they are learning. When children are watching and listening, they are learning. When you talk, sing, and engage with children, they are learning.

With SparKits you will not only find materials your child will enjoy, but also activities that will spark family involvement, which in turn helps your child develop skills needed for future school readiness.

What better way to impact your child’s future…than by investing now for future success.

SparKits On Demand

Pricing coming soon

  • Choose from a variety of kits
  • Delivered electronically
  • Yours to keep
SparKits Home

Pricing coming soon

  • Delivered to your door
  • The SparKit is yours to keep
  • Multi-month discounts
SparKits Hub

$19.99per month

  • Delivered to select locations
  • Return to the same preschool
  • Hold onto the kit as long as you want
  • Multi-month discounts

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